Over 150 years combined experience in the food service business asjafafkasf a  

Experts in: Cheese (domestic and imported), Dairy Products, Seafood & Meat, (fresh andfrozen), Grocery (frozen and specialty), Gourmet Foods.

Leveraging partnerships with our manufacturers, distributors, and end-user customers to drivesales

Horizon West Partners

Tony Visintine

Director of Food Service
  • Inaugural year with the company 

  • 28 years in the industry 

  • 11 years Food Brokerage experience representing fortune 500 Companies 

  • 11 years as a Regional Sales Manager responsible for a 6 state region working with Brokers, Foodservice Distributors, Regional & National Chains, and C-Stores

  • Solid background in product development and culinary skills

  • ServSafe Certification NRA

Amy Tarnoff

Director of Operations & Administration
  • 10 years with the company

  • Started as customer service support and has developed into this key role with Horizon US&S

  • Proficient in customer portals including Mantis and 1WorldSync

  • Knowledgeable with MCS ordering system

  • Developed and upheld strong relationships with customers and vendors

Jim Arnold

Territory Manager
  • 12 years with the company

  • 22 years of Food Service experience

  • Regional Manager for Fujitsu Communications

  • Studied culinary arts and wine in France at various esteemed institutions

  • Co-owned The Truffle Cheese Shop, one of Denver’s first artisan cheese and specialty foods shops - managed, researched, and purchased artisanal cheese, charcuterie, oils, vinegars, and specialty products

  • Liaison with Shamrock Foods Denver - acting as the key point of contact for headquarter calls and sales representatives

  • Arranging and executing all major and minor Shamrock food shows

Robert Witty

Territory Manager
  • 3 years with the company

  • 21 years of Food Service experience

  • 20+ years experience in food service sales industry

  • 10 years as regional sales manager, 6 years as Broker sales representative, 5 years distributor sales representative

  • Western region (Colorado west) working with foodservice distributors brokers, and regional/national chains headquarter calls

  • K-12 specialist including bid, product specialist

James Martinez

Territory Manager
  • 17 years with the company

  • 21 years of Food Service experience

  • Instrumental in the development and growth of vendors at PFG/Vistar

  • Key impact person with Bueno Foods and their presence in the Colorado market Bilingual

Matt Mitchell

Field Sales Representative / Chef
  • 7 years with the company

  • 26 years of food industry experience

  • 5 years with Wild Oats development and design team

  • 5 years as travel trainer at Wild Oats and King Soopers teaching chefs and managers

  • ServSafe Certified

Ellen Glasscock

Account Executive/Retail Lead
  • 25+ years of industry experience

  • 10 years with Cheese Importers Sales Team working in Colorado market

Alex Firess

Account Executive
  • 1 year with the company

  • 9 years in the retail grocery business

  • Murray’s cheese master trained